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Luxaflex Folding Arm Awnings

Shade and protect your home from glare, heat and UV rays. Extend your living area without any unsightly posts or beams.

LUXAFLEX® Contemporary Series Folding Arm Awnings combine high quality sun shading solutions for your home with modern designs to enhance your outdoor living area.

The Folding arm awning range are German designed and engineered for enhanced durability in the harsh Australian climate.

Most awnings in the Contemporary Series are corrosion resistant and salt spray tested for homes close to the water.

The Contemporary Series of Folding Arm Awnings are suitable for large outdoor areas with a maximum width of up to 13 metres and 4 metre projection due to new joining technology.


The new range of Folding Arm Awnings share a number of unique benefits across all systems. These include:

Unique joining system to increase max width

The new range of Folding Arm Awnings are capable of 6.5m wide by 4m projection as a single awning.

Heating and lighting accessories

These option provides the ultimate in Folding Arm Awning luxury. By heating bodies and objects instead of air, the heating systems economically provides warmth and ambience for those sitting beneath.

Crank and motor control operation

The new gear is a 4,4:1 ratio making any sized awning easy to project and retract. If you want motor control then the new Folding Arm Awning range feature both handwired and RTS options allowing control with the touch of a button.

Wide variety of fabric and hardware colours

The standard awning hardware colour is Silver Pearl to match the latest in external colour design trends. Powdercoating – All Dulux powder coating colours are available with the new range.

Heavy duty hardware

All awnings utilise a heavy duty 85mm steel galvanised roller tube, eliminating the need for centre supports and minimising tube deflection.

The majority of components are made from special hardened cast aluminium ensuring strength and longevity. This also eliminates the amount of plastic used in the systems which minimises components which may chip and scratch easily.

Ventura Awnings

The Ventura Folding Arm Awning offers the very best in the Open Style awning market. Available with a wide range of accessories this model can be customised to suit almost any situation.

Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.

Garda Semi-cassette

Designed in a beautiful oval shape, this awning suits modern architectural design curves. Featuring a range of accessories, you can upgrade the Garda Folding Arm Awning for maximum functionality.

Luxaflex Garda Awnings are ideal for courtyards, patios and large verandahs.

Como Full-cassette

Designed in a simple, non obtrusive, rounded rectangle design, this retractable outdoor awning suits almost any home style.

The Como Folding Arm Awning represents the top level of Folding Arm Awning luxury and when the awning is fully retracted all hardware and fabric is concealed inside the casement, giving a neat, clean look.

Sunrain Awnings

The first in the Contemporary Series of Awnings, the LUXAFLEX SUNRAIN® Awning provides protection from rain or shine.

Due to its unique double pitch design, rain water runs off the waterproof PVC fabric and drains out both sides of the custom drainage front rail. The unique Middle Stringer braces the arm at the flexing point providing extra strength and stability when the the awning is fully extended.

Easy installation with a variety of mounting options, ideal for patios, terraces and pool sides.