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Luxaflex Fabric System 2000 Awnings

lxfa-sys200-pivot-arm[1]LUXAFLEX® System 2000 Awnings are a very popular design to provide you with an affordable solution to shade and protect your windows to keep your home cool in summer.

System 2000 Awnings provides flexibility with a range of styles spanning widths up to 4.2 metres and drops of 3 metres for versatility which allows consistent visual aesthetics for low and high set homes.

Available in a large selection of fabrics and colours Fabric System 2000 Awnings are suitable for most home designs. They are commonly used on the ground floor of the home where the awnings need to be close to the window.

Fabric System 2000 Awnings are available in Canvas, Solaire and Panorama fabrics.

During manufacture Luxaflex canvas is treated with DURAGUARD™ fabric protection. This ensures our fabric is durable, easy to clean and longer lasting.

The awning hood is available in a range of colours to allow for design integration with the exterior of your home and also assists in the protection of the fabric from the weather when not in use.

Fabric System 2000 Pivot Arm Awning

The System 2000 Pivot Arm Awning can be operated from inside the house by gear, tape or rope and can be motorised for easy operation. It is ideal for installations high above ground level.

Fabric System 2000 Lock Arm Awning

A perfect choice for close fitting to windows on the ground floor or onto a balcony. Easy to use self locking arms allow simple adjustment by hand or by a pull stick

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